What your profile pic and selfie says about you

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Blog Post - what your profile pic says

Your online profile pic says much more about yourself, than you actually thought when posting a photo of a particular moment. People accidently stumble upon your profile picture and it communicates something you possibly didn’t want that person to know or think about you.

Listed below are some of the most popular types of profile pics loaded onto Social Media. Which one is you and find out what it says about you.

The Couples Photo

This type of profile picture is most often found in the age group between 25 and 35. This is the typical marriage / honeymoon phase. The person who loads a couple’s photo wants the world to know how happy they are as a couple and want to display a united front. Communicating happiness as a couple is sometimes more important than their own personal identity.

Profile pic changed more than once per day

People that fall in this category are generally female, younger than 18 and have a lot of spare time. They use their profile pic to show people how happy they are, how good they’re looking, and want to communicate what a big socialite they are. This category profile pic can easily be unfriended or blocked by people who don’t want their newsfeeds blocked by all their profile pic updates.

The Friends Profile Pic

This person is surely a socialite and friends play an important role in his/her life. Yes, they want to be reminded of the great times with friends, but there is also a message of bluster. This person wants their other friends to know that they do have other good friends too and that they have a lot of great times together.

Selfie – Hand-held photo

Taken by them self on a mobile phone, they had a personal moment where they knew it would be a good looking photo or even a particularly funny photo. They didn’t want this moment to pass, seeing no one else was around to take the picture. These people place high emphasis on sharing good and special moments with others.

Arty Profile Pic

This type of profile photo can include anything from abstract objects, animation characters to interesting shadows, angles and silhouettes. This social media user has moved beyond the point of vanity and is mature enough to express themselves emotionally and artistically.

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