Top 3 Ways to Improve an Ordinary Profile Pic

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Let’s talk about how to improve an ordinary profile pic. Most of us load everyday photos of ourselves, often with small shortcomings we’d like to change. But the problem is most of us don’t know how to change or improve our pictures. Because we don’t have photographic experience or photo editing skills.

Profile pics have turned into a major photographic area with the rise of social media and I believe that this is the place that matter most, making a first impression. Everyone wants to look great in their profile pics, right? I know I want to look good in my profile pic … all my pics for that matter.

But there are ways to improve your profile pic or photos without photo editing or photographic skills. By following these simple and easy-to-follow tips when taking a photo, you’ll immediately snap a better picture of yourself.

  • Focus on You

Always keep in mind that a profile pic is about you. It is not intended for a groupie photo, your new car or favourite animation character. You are the main focus. When snapping a photo – focus on you. Zoom in and/crop when taking a photo of   yourself. Get rid of unnecessary space/background around you.

If there are other people in your photo it may create confusion as to whose profile picture it is. And even worse, create interest in everyone else except you.

  • Eye Contact is Key

Proper eye contact is possibly the most important facet of a good profile picture. Think about it, a picture where someone looks right into the camera or at a slight angle draws much more attention than a photo where you cannot see the person’s eyes. It stands out from other photos.

There’s much truth in that popular saying: ‘The eyes are the window to one’s soul.’ Simply because your eyes reveal emotion and sometimes even portrays a type of personality or character.

  • Up Close and Personal

Close ups of just your face, neck and shoulders are the best profile pics! This is because the face reveals much about yourself than your body or the type of clothes you wear. People are interested in you. They want to know who they’re dealing with you. Show off your unique and stunning personality. A confident and joyful smile always goes a long way.

But be careful to not zoom in too close as nobody wants to see the colour of each freckle or skin pigmentation. A blurry picture will also deter people away instead of creating attention or likes.

I hope you’ve found these tips helpful! But If you’ve tried them and you’re still not satisfied, let us know.

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