Top 3 Tips for Holiday Selfies

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The pose you strike when taking a selfie counts a lot of points. The better the pose, the more likes and tweets. But we all know that to strike a good looking pose for a selfie, can be quite tricky. This article provides some selfie posing tips PLUS how to hold your camera or phone.

Tip #1

Close Up Portraits – Zoom In

A selfie is called a selfie because it is a photograph taken of oneself, typically taken with a smartphone and shared on social media. People want to see your face and not a busy distracting background. But a lot of times, the backgrounds are distracting or one can see that you’re reaching out to hold your phone.
One way to put the focus on your face is to hold your camera or phone closer; however this technique will accentuate certain features on your face. Your nose or eyes for example might look out of proportion.
For a good looking, close up portrait rather zoom in a bit, than holding the camera closer to your face. You will look proportionate and gone is a busy background.

Tip #2

Two Hands Selfie

There are two ways to take a selfie, with one hand or two hands. We recommend taking it with two hands. Because you have one hand free to correctly position the camera and the other to press the shutter release button. But always be careful not to cover up the lens with the hand that’s pressing the shutter release button.
Another reason why it’s advantageous to use both hands when taking a selfie is because your arms act as a frame for the photo.

Tip #3

The Rule of Thirds

This is a phrase most photographers are familiar with, but not for a non-photographer taking a selfie for the fun of it. The rule of thirds states: When taking a selfie, position your face in the top right or top left part of the photo frame. This makes for a more appealing and compelling photo than positioning your face right in the middle.

For an even more flattering selfie, position your eye line one third down from the top of the camera frame and off to one side.

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