The Profile Pic VS The Cover Photo

Posted by | August 17, 2014 | Blog | No Comments

If you thought your cover photo is more important than your profile pic. Surprisingly it’s not. Find out what the latest research has indicated.

Having had various discussions with friends, family, colleagues, I’ve realised something interesting. People generally place high emphasis on their Facebook cover photos. But is their time and effort spent on getting a great Facebook cover photo, time well spent?

Here is what I think about Facebook cover photos. Yes, I think it is nice to have a good looking cover photo, maybe even impressive, but I don’t think it is nearly important as a stunning profile pic. Because your cover photo doesn’t get nearly as much exposure as your profile pic, which is seen throughout Facebook.

Only when people ‘like’ or ‘follow’ you they are likely to visit your page. Then only will they see your cover photo. Opposed to your profile pic that is seen throughout Facebook.

Where do people see your profile pic?

  • When you comment on someone else’s post
  • When you post on your timeline
  • On your page’s timeline cover photo
  • On the news feed of your followers
  • When you share a post
  • When post photos

In conclusion, I think it is wise to spend more time on having a stunning profile pic. It is seen literally everywhere on Facebook. Your cover photo is only seen on your about section. Your profile pic is the first thing your friends, strangers, followers and upcoming friends and followers see.

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