How to enhance your profile pic without knowing Photoshop

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I believe this is the one thing everyone has been waiting for! You can now improve and enhance your profile pic without knowing Photoshop. You can get the Photoshop look without using Photoshop. You don’t even have to hire a Photoshop specialist or photographer to do it for you. You don’t have to have lots of money or know anything about photography. You must only have a relatively good headshot or heads and shoulder photo of yourself and access to the Internet.

How you may wonder? Well seeing we’re living in the age of clouds, likes, followers, connections, tweets and selfies – where literally everything is done by the click of a button.

Making your profile pic look stunning and having the same effect as Photoshop, it works exactly the same. You only have to click a button. Simply load your pic, we’ll glam it for you and download.

myNetPics transforms your every day photo and creates the best version of the true you. It gives everyday people like you and me the opportunity to look magazine quality!

At myNetpics we believe everyone has the right to have an awesome looking profile pic or selfie. Because in a world where every one and everything is available and visible online, you deserve to look your best.

If you want a magazine quality profile pic that looks Photoshop’d;

Fix that one thing about your face you don’t like;

Reduce or eliminate blemishes or wrinkles in your face;

Get a brushed, tanned and healthy look;

Change your eye or hair colour;

Look younger;

Go to myNetpics. Simply upload your pic and download the improved and enhanced version of yourself within 24 hours. And load to your social media accounts.

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