How to create “photogenic-ness” for your photos

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Isn’t it unfair how some people just always look good on photos? No matter what they’re wearing or who took the photo, they look beautiful. This is called being photogenic. I like to call it photogenic-ness.

So what is photogenic-ness? This is when those lucky people capture the light just perfect and their face portrays perfect on a picture.

Here are some easy-to-use tips that will manipulate the light to make you look great on a photo.


Always make sure you have a tissue at hand to get rid of oil or shininess from your face. One’s T-panel can especially get oily. Dubbing some powder on your nose and the rest of the T-panel will also eliminate shininess on a photo.

Moistened, transparent lips always look better on photos than dark or red colors. A light color blusher that complements your natural skin tone will add some definition to your cheek bones and liven up your face. Stay away from dark blusher colors. The 80s are long gone. You don’t want to scare people.

Smoky eyes work wonders on photos. Don’t be afraid to darken your eye makeup when taking photos. If your eye makeup is too light, it tends to make you look dull on a photo.


Lighting, lighting, lighting. The lighting in photos is just as important as location when it comes to property. Because natural light plays such a key role to looking good on photos, I recommend taking photos in day light and not at night. At night you’re dealing with artificial lighting. Different globes cast different lighting, and have different effects. Unless you’re in a studio where the lighting is specifically designed to make people look good on photos, it’s OK. But for the purpose of this article we’re talking about photos taken by everyday people in everyday surroundings.

Here are a few golden rules when taking photos in natural light:

  • Don’t take photos in direct sunlight, it causes shadows.
  • If you’re taking photos indoors, face the direction in which the light is coming from.
  • Taking photos at sunset or early morning make for wonderful photos because the light is soft and mystical.
  • Overcast and cloudy days create soft lighting which is ideal for photos.


Positioning yourself correctly in front of the camera makes the difference between good and not so good looking photos. For standing photos it’s best to have the camera positioned at shoulder or chest height. If the camera is above you, you’ll look squashed and deformed. But in the case of sitting, a camera above you works very well. Ideally lift your head towards the camera.

If you’re not naturally photogenic, simply implement these tips and it will definitely increase your photogenic-ness. However if you’re still not satisfied with your photos, give it to myNetpics. We’ll finish the magic for you!

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