Get a retouched profile pic without using Photoshop

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Retouching images without Photoshop

It’s here! Retouched profile pics without using Photoshop or going for a photo shoot. Hey, it’s so easy, you can even take a selfie, and still look great. You don’t even have to ask your friend with a flair for style and photography to take a nice picture of you. You can get that perfect picture of yourself you’ve always wanted.

Coming from an age where your selfies and other photos were shared amongst close friends and family, passing along the photo album – your photos can now be shared and viewed by literally the entire world. And you have little control over it.

That’s why at myNetpics we believe your net pics must look great! But more specifically, we want your profile pic to look awesome! Because your profile pic is a key influenciar in your life. It greatly determines your popularity on both professional and personal level. The prettier your profile picture the more likes you will get, the more followers you’ll have and the better your chances at exciting career prospects.

So if your profile picture plays such an important role in your life, nobody deserves to look drag if you can look fab!

myNetpics uses advanced, digital facial recognition technology to enhance and improve ordinary looking profile pics and selfies. Simply load your pic, and the system magically enhances key areas, ready for you to download again.

myNetpics creates your Photoshop-looking profile pic by:

  • Improving and/or eliminating facial wrinkles or blemishes
  • Improving facial structure
  • Giving hair a healthy looking vibrant look
  • Whitening teeth
  • Giving your photo the correct lightning, amongst many other things.

Get your Photoshop-looking profile pic every day, any time. Simply load and download your pic. Join myNetpics.

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