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Tips for good positioning in front of the camera

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How you position yourself in front of the camera is very important, especially if you want to use it for a social media profile pic or selfie. Always keep in mind for what medium your profile pic will be used. It will mostly be used for social media and seen on PCs, tablets, smartphones etc. In most cases, your profile pic on social media is seen in thumbnail version.

One of the important factors of good positioning is the angle at which the photo is taken.

Angle and Slimming Effect

Your angle in front of the camera is the difference between an OK picture and a great picture. If you position the camera slightly higher than your eyes, it creates a more flattering – and slimmer look. Your neck will recede and more focus will be placed on your jaw line.

Another slimming effect is to angle your body 45 degrees away from the camera, but position your head looking towards the camera. If you lift your head towards the camera (where the light is coming from) – it catches the light just right and makes a great photo.

But remember very important – always look straight into the camera.

Eye Level

Given the right lighting your eye level shouldn’t be a problem. But remember the height of your camera will affect how your portrait picture looks. To assess the height look at your camera’s LCD screen. If the person taking your photo is shorter than you, get them something to stand on to reach the right height.

Let us know if these tips were helpful. Watch our blog or Facebook page for more insightful articles to create good profile pics and selfies.

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Top 3 Ways to Improve an Ordinary Profile Pic

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Let’s talk about how to improve an ordinary profile pic. Most of us load everyday photos of ourselves, often with small shortcomings we’d like to change. But the problem is most of us don’t know how to change or improve our pictures. Because we don’t have photographic experience or photo editing skills.

Profile pics have turned into a major photographic area with the rise of social media and I believe that this is the place that matter most, making a first impression. Everyone wants to look great in their profile pics, right? I know I want to look good in my profile pic … all my pics for that matter.

But there are ways to improve your profile pic or photos without photo editing or photographic skills. By following these simple and easy-to-follow tips when taking a photo, you’ll immediately snap a better picture of yourself.

  • Focus on You

Always keep in mind that a profile pic is about you. It is not intended for a groupie photo, your new car or favourite animation character. You are the main focus. When snapping a photo – focus on you. Zoom in and/crop when taking a photo of   yourself. Get rid of unnecessary space/background around you.

If there are other people in your photo it may create confusion as to whose profile picture it is. And even worse, create interest in everyone else except you.

  • Eye Contact is Key

Proper eye contact is possibly the most important facet of a good profile picture. Think about it, a picture where someone looks right into the camera or at a slight angle draws much more attention than a photo where you cannot see the person’s eyes. It stands out from other photos.

There’s much truth in that popular saying: ‘The eyes are the window to one’s soul.’ Simply because your eyes reveal emotion and sometimes even portrays a type of personality or character.

  • Up Close and Personal

Close ups of just your face, neck and shoulders are the best profile pics! This is because the face reveals much about yourself than your body or the type of clothes you wear. People are interested in you. They want to know who they’re dealing with you. Show off your unique and stunning personality. A confident and joyful smile always goes a long way.

But be careful to not zoom in too close as nobody wants to see the colour of each freckle or skin pigmentation. A blurry picture will also deter people away instead of creating attention or likes.

I hope you’ve found these tips helpful! But If you’ve tried them and you’re still not satisfied, let us know.

Upload your pic to myNetpics and using advanced technology, you’ll get a naturally enhanced, beautiful pic in return. You will just about look perfect – but still look like you of course!

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How to create “photogenic-ness” for your photos

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Isn’t it unfair how some people just always look good on photos? No matter what they’re wearing or who took the photo, they look beautiful. This is called being photogenic. I like to call it photogenic-ness.

So what is photogenic-ness? This is when those lucky people capture the light just perfect and their face portrays perfect on a picture.

Here are some easy-to-use tips that will manipulate the light to make you look great on a photo.


Always make sure you have a tissue at hand to get rid of oil or shininess from your face. One’s T-panel can especially get oily. Dubbing some powder on your nose and the rest of the T-panel will also eliminate shininess on a photo.

Moistened, transparent lips always look better on photos than dark or red colors. A light color blusher that complements your natural skin tone will add some definition to your cheek bones and liven up your face. Stay away from dark blusher colors. The 80s are long gone. You don’t want to scare people.

Smoky eyes work wonders on photos. Don’t be afraid to darken your eye makeup when taking photos. If your eye makeup is too light, it tends to make you look dull on a photo.


Lighting, lighting, lighting. The lighting in photos is just as important as location when it comes to property. Because natural light plays such a key role to looking good on photos, I recommend taking photos in day light and not at night. At night you’re dealing with artificial lighting. Different globes cast different lighting, and have different effects. Unless you’re in a studio where the lighting is specifically designed to make people look good on photos, it’s OK. But for the purpose of this article we’re talking about photos taken by everyday people in everyday surroundings.

Here are a few golden rules when taking photos in natural light:

  • Don’t take photos in direct sunlight, it causes shadows.
  • If you’re taking photos indoors, face the direction in which the light is coming from.
  • Taking photos at sunset or early morning make for wonderful photos because the light is soft and mystical.
  • Overcast and cloudy days create soft lighting which is ideal for photos.


Positioning yourself correctly in front of the camera makes the difference between good and not so good looking photos. For standing photos it’s best to have the camera positioned at shoulder or chest height. If the camera is above you, you’ll look squashed and deformed. But in the case of sitting, a camera above you works very well. Ideally lift your head towards the camera.

If you’re not naturally photogenic, simply implement these tips and it will definitely increase your photogenic-ness. However if you’re still not satisfied with your photos, give it to myNetpics. We’ll finish the magic for you!

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Top 3 Tips for Holiday Selfies

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The pose you strike when taking a selfie counts a lot of points. The better the pose, the more likes and tweets. But we all know that to strike a good looking pose for a selfie, can be quite tricky. This article provides some selfie posing tips PLUS how to hold your camera or phone.

Tip #1

Close Up Portraits – Zoom In

A selfie is called a selfie because it is a photograph taken of oneself, typically taken with a smartphone and shared on social media. People want to see your face and not a busy distracting background. But a lot of times, the backgrounds are distracting or one can see that you’re reaching out to hold your phone.
One way to put the focus on your face is to hold your camera or phone closer; however this technique will accentuate certain features on your face. Your nose or eyes for example might look out of proportion.
For a good looking, close up portrait rather zoom in a bit, than holding the camera closer to your face. You will look proportionate and gone is a busy background.

Tip #2

Two Hands Selfie

There are two ways to take a selfie, with one hand or two hands. We recommend taking it with two hands. Because you have one hand free to correctly position the camera and the other to press the shutter release button. But always be careful not to cover up the lens with the hand that’s pressing the shutter release button.
Another reason why it’s advantageous to use both hands when taking a selfie is because your arms act as a frame for the photo.

Tip #3

The Rule of Thirds

This is a phrase most photographers are familiar with, but not for a non-photographer taking a selfie for the fun of it. The rule of thirds states: When taking a selfie, position your face in the top right or top left part of the photo frame. This makes for a more appealing and compelling photo than positioning your face right in the middle.

For an even more flattering selfie, position your eye line one third down from the top of the camera frame and off to one side.

myNetpics subliminally enhances your pics so you can confidently share your holiday selfies. At myNetpics we believe everyone deserve to look their best on all their social media accounts.

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What your profile pic and selfie says about you

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Your online profile pic says much more about yourself, than you actually thought when posting a photo of a particular moment. People accidently stumble upon your profile picture and it communicates something you possibly didn’t want that person to know or think about you.

Listed below are some of the most popular types of profile pics loaded onto Social Media. Which one is you and find out what it says about you.

The Couples Photo

This type of profile picture is most often found in the age group between 25 and 35. This is the typical marriage / honeymoon phase. The person who loads a couple’s photo wants the world to know how happy they are as a couple and want to display a united front. Communicating happiness as a couple is sometimes more important than their own personal identity.

Profile pic changed more than once per day

People that fall in this category are generally female, younger than 18 and have a lot of spare time. They use their profile pic to show people how happy they are, how good they’re looking, and want to communicate what a big socialite they are. This category profile pic can easily be unfriended or blocked by people who don’t want their newsfeeds blocked by all their profile pic updates.

The Friends Profile Pic

This person is surely a socialite and friends play an important role in his/her life. Yes, they want to be reminded of the great times with friends, but there is also a message of bluster. This person wants their other friends to know that they do have other good friends too and that they have a lot of great times together.

Selfie – Hand-held photo

Taken by them self on a mobile phone, they had a personal moment where they knew it would be a good looking photo or even a particularly funny photo. They didn’t want this moment to pass, seeing no one else was around to take the picture. These people place high emphasis on sharing good and special moments with others.

Arty Profile Pic

This type of profile photo can include anything from abstract objects, animation characters to interesting shadows, angles and silhouettes. This social media user has moved beyond the point of vanity and is mature enough to express themselves emotionally and artistically.

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Retouching images without Photoshop

Get a retouched profile pic without using Photoshop

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It’s here! Retouched profile pics without using Photoshop or going for a photo shoot. Hey, it’s so easy, you can even take a selfie, and still look great. You don’t even have to ask your friend with a flair for style and photography to take a nice picture of you. You can get that perfect picture of yourself you’ve always wanted.

Coming from an age where your selfies and other photos were shared amongst close friends and family, passing along the photo album – your photos can now be shared and viewed by literally the entire world. And you have little control over it.

That’s why at myNetpics we believe your net pics must look great! But more specifically, we want your profile pic to look awesome! Because your profile pic is a key influenciar in your life. It greatly determines your popularity on both professional and personal level. The prettier your profile picture the more likes you will get, the more followers you’ll have and the better your chances at exciting career prospects.

So if your profile picture plays such an important role in your life, nobody deserves to look drag if you can look fab!

myNetpics uses advanced, digital facial recognition technology to enhance and improve ordinary looking profile pics and selfies. Simply load your pic, and the system magically enhances key areas, ready for you to download again.

myNetpics creates your Photoshop-looking profile pic by:

  • Improving and/or eliminating facial wrinkles or blemishes
  • Improving facial structure
  • Giving hair a healthy looking vibrant look
  • Whitening teeth
  • Giving your photo the correct lightning, amongst many other things.

Get your Photoshop-looking profile pic every day, any time. Simply load and download your pic. Join myNetpics.

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How to enhance your profile pic without knowing Photoshop

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I believe this is the one thing everyone has been waiting for! You can now improve and enhance your profile pic without knowing Photoshop. You can get the Photoshop look without using Photoshop. You don’t even have to hire a Photoshop specialist or photographer to do it for you. You don’t have to have lots of money or know anything about photography. You must only have a relatively good headshot or heads and shoulder photo of yourself and access to the Internet.

How you may wonder? Well seeing we’re living in the age of clouds, likes, followers, connections, tweets and selfies – where literally everything is done by the click of a button.

Making your profile pic look stunning and having the same effect as Photoshop, it works exactly the same. You only have to click a button. Simply load your pic, we’ll glam it for you and download.

myNetPics transforms your every day photo and creates the best version of the true you. It gives everyday people like you and me the opportunity to look magazine quality!

At myNetpics we believe everyone has the right to have an awesome looking profile pic or selfie. Because in a world where every one and everything is available and visible online, you deserve to look your best.

If you want a magazine quality profile pic that looks Photoshop’d;

Fix that one thing about your face you don’t like;

Reduce or eliminate blemishes or wrinkles in your face;

Get a brushed, tanned and healthy look;

Change your eye or hair colour;

Look younger;

Go to myNetpics. Simply upload your pic and download the improved and enhanced version of yourself within 24 hours. And load to your social media accounts.

How to add that something special to your profile pic

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So many times you look at a picture of yourself and you think: I like it, but I wish I can change this or that. Then I’ll be happy. Whether we want to admit it or not, we all are hypo critical when we see a photo of ourselves. We are hardly ever satisfied with what we see – we always want to change something. That something ‘missing’ then we’ll be happy.

If you feel the same, then read further.

The important thing to be aware of that it is often the small things that need to be enhanced or changed in order to create a stunning profile pic. It is not about taking a new picture of yourself, it is about changing little things here and there.

It’s about changing things like:

  • Facial tone – reduce wrinkles or blemishes.
  • Lip and cheek colour
  • Enlarging eyes slightly
  • Whitening teeth a little
  • Lightning of your picture, amongst others.

It’s when changing things like these, slightly and subtly, that makes a BIG difference. It adds that something missing to your photo – to make it perfect. It makes it highly likable and popular on your social media accounts.

Add that something special to your profile pic or selfie by joining myNetpics. I dare you to try it only once – the change is awesome! You would’ve never thought you can look that good looking.

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How to get your profile pic noticed

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Some very useful tips on how to make your profile pic get noticed. One that will be noticed and drive many likes and follows.

Do you want your profile pic to stand out? Do you want more ‘likes’ and ‘follows’?

The more, the better, right?  Let’s be honest with one another, who doesn’t want to be liked?

So let’s play the scenario, you load a profile pic or selfie, thinking it’s a great photo. But to your surprise it doesn’t get liked or followed. You wonder, what’s wrong?

  • Make sure your profile pic is a headshot or headshot and shoulders. People like to see a face. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes. If you are curious about someone, you want to see what the person looks like. And when you are met with some abstract picture or animated character, it’s quite frankly disappointing. Chances are good you’ll leave the person’s page.
  • Avoid body shots. Remember your profile pic is seen much more in thumbnail version, than the actual size. So it’s not very appealing when people see certain parts of your body instead of your face. Your face should cover 70-80% of the picture.
  • Face angle. Look straight into the shot or slightly angled to the left. Don’t look up or down. Make eye contact with your audience.
  • Bright colors. The human eye is attracted to bright colors. If your picture is colorful, it will definitely get noticed. Your picture will draw people’s attention, and drive much more likes and follows opposed to a dark picture.

Enjoy implementing these tips and the results it’ll reap. For even better results, try myNetpics. Highly advanced, digital facial technology will create the perfect profile pic for you.

The Profile Pic VS The Cover Photo

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If you thought your cover photo is more important than your profile pic. Surprisingly it’s not. Find out what the latest research has indicated.

Having had various discussions with friends, family, colleagues, I’ve realised something interesting. People generally place high emphasis on their Facebook cover photos. But is their time and effort spent on getting a great Facebook cover photo, time well spent?

Here is what I think about Facebook cover photos. Yes, I think it is nice to have a good looking cover photo, maybe even impressive, but I don’t think it is nearly important as a stunning profile pic. Because your cover photo doesn’t get nearly as much exposure as your profile pic, which is seen throughout Facebook.

Only when people ‘like’ or ‘follow’ you they are likely to visit your page. Then only will they see your cover photo. Opposed to your profile pic that is seen throughout Facebook.

Where do people see your profile pic?

  • When you comment on someone else’s post
  • When you post on your timeline
  • On your page’s timeline cover photo
  • On the news feed of your followers
  • When you share a post
  • When post photos

In conclusion, I think it is wise to spend more time on having a stunning profile pic. It is seen literally everywhere on Facebook. Your cover photo is only seen on your about section. Your profile pic is the first thing your friends, strangers, followers and upcoming friends and followers see.

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