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Don’t think your Profile Pic is that important? Think again.

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What to consider when choosing your profile pic.

Think differently about your profile pic. Your profile pic is the one of the most important elements on your social media accounts.

I’ve came across some interesting research recently done. I really thought you should know about it. They’ve found that no matter the reason for browsing social networks, whether it’s for social, networking or business intent, they mostly just look for a profile pic. (And obviously a good one I might add.) They don’t even look for descriptive words or an interesting bio. They look for your picture. If they like it and matches what they were looking for, then they’ll read your profile bios.

You and I also know that the mind processes images much quicker than words… a picture says a thousand words. It’s the same argument as body language says much more than words. The same goes for your profile picture. Much more is said by your picture, so why not make it a good one.

Your picture greatly effect people’s level of interest in you.

MyNetpics use advanced technology to make you look great, without loosing your unique personality.

Tips for a great profile pic:

  • Use a clear headshot photo
  • Consider how your photo will appear in a thumbnail and cropped version
  • Make eye contact with the camera (your audience)
  • Avoid group photos. This is your space and your time to shine
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