How to add that something special to your profile pic

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So many times you look at a picture of yourself and you think: I like it, but I wish I can change this or that. Then I’ll be happy. Whether we want to admit it or not, we all are hypo critical when we see a photo of ourselves. We are hardly ever satisfied with what we see – we always want to change something. That something ‘missing’ then we’ll be happy.

If you feel the same, then read further.

The important thing to be aware of that it is often the small things that need to be enhanced or changed in order to create a stunning profile pic. It is not about taking a new picture of yourself, it is about changing little things here and there.

It’s about changing things like:

  • Facial tone – reduce wrinkles or blemishes.
  • Lip and cheek colour
  • Enlarging eyes slightly
  • Whitening teeth a little
  • Lightning of your picture, amongst others.

It’s when changing things like these, slightly and subtly, that makes a BIG difference. It adds that something missing to your photo – to make it perfect. It makes it highly likable and popular on your social media accounts.

Add that something special to your profile pic or selfie by joining myNetpics. I dare you to try it only once – the change is awesome! You would’ve never thought you can look that good looking.

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